The "Hired-Hand" Calf Corral (Patent No. 7389746)

The Calf Catcher calf corral was designed and manufactured with farmer's safety in mind. This product helps protect the farmer from overly aggressive mother cows while processing newborn calves. The calves can be caught and trasnported efficiently by one worker.

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Calf Catcher CC1100: Extended Hitch

The Extended Hitch Design allows for mounting to larger 4x4 ATVs such as the John Deere Gator, Polaris Ranger, Kawasaki Mule, and Kabota RTV. There is also an Extended Hitch Design for 6x6 ATVs. Please consult VH MFG, Inc. for more information.

Calf Catcher CC1100

The Calf Catcher weighs approximately 350 lbs., measures 4 ft. by 6 ft., and has 8 inches of ground clearance. The spring loaded gates are opened by pulling a rope while seated on the ATV. There is a latch which holds the gates open and is released by stepping on it from the ATV. The latch is located near the ATV operator's right foot.

Calf Catcher Add-Ons

And on the 8th day, God looked down on his planned paradise and said, "I need a caretaker." So, God made a Farmer. - Paul Harvey

Calf Catcher Testimonials


Well here’s an update on my new calf catcher - I’ve caught my first eleven calves this calving season - all without a hitch. I mounted the calf catcher to a Polaris 330 trail boss which has plenty of power to move the catcher in all conditions. I have operated the catcher on both flat and uneven surfaces - it works well in both types of terrain although flat surfaces are easier to work with. Once the calves were caught I felt completely safe while working the calf inside the enclosure - I had several upset mothers no doubt but no bruises for me! My ATV did take one pretty mean butt in the front grill by an irate mother - this cow had previously got me on the ground a year earlier and worked me over pretty good but not this time thanks to the calf catcher! This product has been a true blessing for our operation and I will highly recommend it to others. Thanks for providing a great product for the rancher! 

Paul Petricek 

This past spring, we bought a calf catcher cage mounted on an Arctic Cat four-wheeler. It is very handy for driving over the top of a new calf, and capturing it so it can be tagged without interference from the mother cow. This contraption worked so well that my wife did all the tagging during the calving season, and she felt safe doing it. We have never even had an ATV before, so it was a totally new experience on this ranch. We still appreciate the tradition of a cowboy way of life, so horses do get used for all of our other cattle work. 

We sure get a lot of good out of the calf catcher. It just makes tagging calves so much easier and safer, and my wife (who does nearly all of our tagging) appreciates your invention very much. It seems like this past week with the weather so cold, many of our cows were grumpier than usual. This was no problem because of the arctic Cat with your handy little “shark cage” attached. A mad cow really can’t do much when the person doing the tagging is enclosed with the safety of the cage. 

As far as the calf catcher is concerned, we would give it a hearty “thumbs up.” Merriman, Nebraska 

Steve and Carol Moreland