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Take A Tour!

Take a tour with Zac around a Clarke 1240HB. Equipped with POLYTIN™ Jack Knife poly, header height control, row sense, stubble lights, warning lights, SS auger pans, corn ear saver, and a heavy-duty auger!

Custom Drive Shafts

Contact us today to get your custom drive shafts ordered! Offering 1-1/8", 1-1/4", & 1-3/8" hex shafts!

POLYTIN™ Jack Knife Poly

Watch as Zac demonstrates how to use POLYTIN™'s jack knife poly!

Calf Catcher

See our Calf Catcher CC1100 in action!

Clarke 1615HB

Watch as this Clarke 1615HB moves through the field! Equipped with the Clarke Knife Roll, Header Height Control, and True Sight! This thing is a beaut!

Boat Goat Dock Bumpers

Check out the Boat Goat Dock Bumpers! Sick of having a scratched or dented hull? Give us a call!

Clarke 1240HB

Watch as this Clarke 1240HB moves through the field! Equipped with cast stalk rolls, Header Height Control, and True Sight!

Corn Saver Kit

Check out VH MFG, Inc.'s corn saver kit! Available to be mounted on all models of corn heads! Sick of throwing ears? Buy a corn saver kit today!

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