One Of Few

  • Made & assembled in the USA
  • 15" to 40" Row Widths
  • 15" Heads with Dual Stacked Chains
  • ANY color poly

Operating in Down Corn

Watch as a Clarke 1615HB acts as a fine-toothed comb while harvesting down corn!

Standard Features:

  • Heavy-Duty Welded Frame
  • Heavy-Duty Auger
  • Heavy-Duty Row Frames
  • Heavy-Duty 1-1/4" Shafts
  • SS Auger Pans
  • Heavy-Duty Poly
  • Corn Saver
  • Warning Lights
  • Stubble Lights

Manufactured and assembled with QUALITY and RUGGEDNESS in mind!

Clarke's History

Starting in 1996, Dave Clarke set out to produce custom made, OEM corn heads, for different niche markets. For over 20 years Dave garnered a reputation for producing high quality corn heads for customers all over the country. Fast forward to today and Clarke Corn Heads lives on at VH MFG, Inc. Clarke Corn Heads has made its name by offering a high quality, American made, product to farmers. That tradition continues to this day at VH MFG, Inc.

Clarke Bi-Fold Poly

Clarke Bi-Fold poly is manufactured with a low-profile design that allows it to excel in adverse conditions. With a heavy-duty inner steel frame, this poly holds up to the wear and tear of being in the field.

Benefits Include:

  • A quick "car hood" style mount for maintenance
  • Less crop sticking
  • Stainless steel wear strips
  • Steel snout tips
  • Clean, smooth, design
  • Easily remove the fenders for maintenance, with NO TOOLS
  • Can fit onto any OEM corn head
  • Available in ANY color

** Available in 20" - 30" **

Clarke Bi-Fold Pictures

Clarke Bi-Fold Pictures

Clarke Bi-Fold Pictures

Clarke Bi-Fold Pictures

Clarke Bi-Fold Pictures

POLYTIN™ Jack Knife Poly

POLYTIN™ Jack Knife Poly is designed, and manufactured, with convenience in mind. With convenient access to a quick-pull pin, you can "teepee" your poly in a matter of seconds in order to maintenance, store, or travel with your corn head. With a thick 3/16"-1/4", double-walled, sidewall, there's nothing POLYTIN™ can't stand up to.

Benefits Include:

  • Stainless steel wear strips
  • Poly or steel snout tips
  • Internal steel frame
  • Clean, smooth, design
  • Thick poly sidewalls

** Available in 20", 22", 30", 36", 38", & 40" **

Take A Tour

Explore the benefits and features of our latest build, a 1240 HB made for a John Deere S790.

Complete with:

  • JackKnife Poly
  • Header Height Control
  • TrueSight (Autosteer)
  • Cornsaver
  • AR Material Hydraulic Deck Plates

And much more!

Clarke Knife Roll

Designed and Built for "No-Till" Farmers

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Clarke Knife Roll

Designed by Farmers. Built by Farmers.

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Clarke Knife Roller

The Clarke Knife Roller is a complete interchange for the stalk rolls you are currently using on either 40, or 90, series JD Corn Heads.

The blades are reversible and can be replaced individually without removing the stalk roll from the row unit. The cutting edge of the knife is heat treated making them extremely sharp and durable.

The Clarke Knife Roll is recommended for farmers who demand aggressive residue processing across a broad range of conditions. This knife roll cuts, mushrooms, and blows the stalk apart every 4"-8", while still leaving the stalk connected to prevent confeti. This roller kit is NOT a substitute for a "Chopping Corn Head."

"And on the 8th day, God looked down on his planned paradise and said, "I need a caretaker." So, God made a Farmer." - Paul Harvey