HSKK-AA0555A -- Kernel Keeper Kit for CA555 Chains - Single Row


HSKK-AA0555A -- Kernel Keeper Kit for CA555 Chains - Single Row

Product description

Kernel Keeper Kit for CA555 Chains

Kernel Keeper™ is the industry's most economical way to solve your shatter-loss/butt-shelling issues. With patented rails that act as a suspension system for your deck plates absorb the shock and "hold" loose kernels on the plate. From there, brushes mounted on each lug of the gathering chain sweep up any loose kernels into the auger bed.

Showing similar results to the competition while coming in at least $500 LESS per row makes Kernel Keeper™ the best solution to loss and butt-shelling.

Sold by the row. Each kit contains 2 rails, brushes for 2 chains, and necessary installation hardware.

Models/Applications: Deere (40 & 90 Series), Case-IH (800, 900, & 1000) Series, New Holland (974, 996, 96C, 98C, 98D, through 2010 Corn Heads, 996) Clarke (All NON-15" corn heads)







1. How much to break even?

Beta testing has shown Kernel Keeperâ„¢ can pay for itself by saving JUST 2 kernels per 6 square feet. That's ONLY 1/3 of a bushel per acre.

2. How long do they last?

A. Testing has shown a life greater than 150 acres per row

B. Example of total life: 6 Row = 900 Acres, 8 Row = 1200 Acres, 12 Row = 1800 Acres

3. "Sounds fancy, but during a normal year how much money do I save?

A. Using corn prices of $5.00 per bushel, a 6-row corn head, and a savings of just ONE bushel per acre, you will NET $3,330 (or $555/row) over the life of the product. For the mathematically inclined, that's a net return of 285%!

4. Why plastic rails?

Well...technically it's Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene. This material has a proven track record in abrasive wear situations. Additionally, it provides a much softer landing for the ear, allowing for the transfer of energy to the dampening pocket.

5. Why is the rail offset from the deck plates?

The stalk-facing edge of the deck plate is often hard-faced with weld. By offsetting the Kernel Keeper™ edge, the majority of the wear is still against the hardened deck plate, increasing the life of the product.

6. My gathering chain rides tightly on the Kernel Keeper rail, will this damage my sprockets and chains?

No, the gathering chain will ride higher on the front sprocket due to the addition of the Kernel Keeper™ rail. This will not affect the life of your chains and sprockets.

7. When do you plan to offer pre-drilled deck plates?

We plan to have pre-drilled deck plates in the near future. When that time comes, we will continue to offer both solutions, allowing the grower to enjoy the benefits of Kernel Keeper™ without HAVING to buy new deck plates.

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