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Our Services & Fabrication Capabilities

Rotational Molding (AKA Roto-Molding)

VH MFG, Inc. has two Roto-Mold machines. The first is our RotoLine CR 2.60. The RotoLine allows us to manufacture parts efficiently, and gives us the ability to mold parts up to 92" in length. Our second Roto-Molding machine gives us the ability to mold parts up to 108" in length. Having two machines helps make this department efficent, thus keeping lead times short.

Laser Cutting

Equipped with a Mazak laser, VH has the ability to cut steel ranging in thicknesses from 20ga to 1/2" thick on standard sheet sizes of 60" X 120". This Mazak laser is also equipped with a load/unload center. Giving VH the ability to cut "online" outside of production hours, allowing VH to keep lead times low, and bring on more customers.


From simple weldments, to complicated fabrication, VH has the capabilities and expertise to weld just about anything. With materials ranging from mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum, there isn't much VH can't weld. We love having the opportunity to quote and weld new projects.


Being equipped with a 220 ton, 12' working bed, Ermak Brake Press gives VH the ability to bend thick and thin material. This workhorse is one of the backbones of our operation, and its easy programmability allows us to be as efficient as possible. Equipped with many different tooling, there isn't much VH can't bend.

Vertical Milling

VH MFG has a Fadol vertical mill in house with a 30" X 60" work surface table. This allows us to drill, tap, and mill surfaces of parts that are large, and small.


VH MFG's Hydmech Saw isused in a variety of cutting processes. With the ability to cut up to 16" in diameter, and angles of up to 60°, there isn't much it can't handle!

Injection Molding

Being equipped with a Toshiba SE500 injection molding machine gives VH the ability to offer injection molding services to our customers.

CNC Lathing

VH MFG has the ability to deliver CNC Lathed parts using our Storm 80 CNC lathe. It is also equipped with a bar feeder. From simple to complicated lathed parts, our CNC lathe department is up to the task. Samples parts can also be done on our manual lathe.


Having two rolling machines in house gives VH the ability to offer rolled parts. From 18" in diameter down to 8" in diameter, VH can roll material thicknesses up to 7ga thick.

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